Volunteer Training October 06, 2016


In support of Bill, volunteers from his neighborhood, school, and church, plus a work colleague of Tu's and a representative from Lambda Phi Epsilon (a UMASS Amherst fraternity) gathered at the Jones Library on October 6th to plan fundraising activities.

Kristy Brown, COTA representative, flew in from Indiana to facilitate the volunteer training.

Bill's Journey Update September 27, 2016

Bill's Journey Update

MRI Test for BIll October 03, 2016

The MRI test for Bill at Boston Children's Hospital in Waltham on 10/3 has shown that Bill has extensive bilateral renal scars, likely due to reflux nephropathy. These results have alleviated physicians' concerns  about the masses in Bill's kidneys. Meanwhile, Bill now has to go to the Renal Transplant, W.Mass Assoc. clinic to receive Epogen shots in his belly weekly.This hormone triggers bone marrow to produce more blood cells to keep Bill in good health for transplant. Bill is now very busy trying to balance his school work with clinical appointments.

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