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hi guys i am new here and need to know what i can post here? i have been searching blogs on different things and went through They have all subject related blogs and articles. I am a excellent animator just have a look
Deborah Felix/Mackenzie Brown
Dear Family of Bill and Bill, Today I was part of the article in the Gazette. My daughter Mackenzie has been a renal patient since birth and found out she needed a kidney transplant in April too. On Oct. 20th we did a donation (myself-mom and transplant-Mackenzie) at Brighman's Womens Hospital. Mackenzie has gone to Children's Hospital for years. Our transplant was immediately successful and we were out of the hospital in less than 5 days. Although there is some recovery time we are almost back to normal. I have posted your article on FB. If you have any questions please contact me at 413-549-7806. I use to teach at Wildwood and am now a teacher at Fort River. All the best to you and your family. I will be following your journey. Take care, Deborah Felix
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